Katie Hopkins- A Timeline of Public Angst

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6 December 2013

By Bronwen

Katie Hopkins has been kicked off This Morning, but an army of angry mothers and members of the working class have started a petition to get her banned from TV forever.

38 year old Queen of Controversy made a “joke” regarding Scottish work ethic a painfully short time after the helicopter crash in Glasgow. Whether she meant to cause offence or was just genuinely a little off with her timing is yet to be discovered, but one thing is certain: the public are furious. People have taken to Facebook and Twitter to express their outrage, and the result has been quite effective, as ITV have axed her and 70,000 people have signed the petition for her permanent banning.

We have yet to find a Facebook page regarding her positive points, which really brings in the harsh reality of how much the public dislike her.

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To give you a better understanding of her TV career, we constructed this brief timeline.

2006- She stepped down from hit BBC show ‘The Apprentice’ on the 11th week. Alan Sugar branded her a loser however she did manage to last quite a while in the competition.

2007- Hopkins enters the jungle! Many people don’t really remember this, but she was definitely there.

2007-2012- The tabloids slam Katie and she becomes a figure of public hatred, makes appearances on political shows and generally annoys people. To illustrate this better, here is a short Youtube clip:



2013- Katie first appeared on ITV’s show This Morning in July, with the whole “I would never let my children play with children with lower class names” argument. After this, she had made several appearances on the show, shunning overweight people, slamming children’s birthdays and upsetting not only the guests, but the presenters.

But here’s the final question, how long will this “villain” be around for?



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