Katy Perry’s New Role

6 December 2013

By Yasmine

We all love Katy Perry so it’s no wonder that she has been chosen to be UNICEF’s new Goodwill Ambassador! Katy will now be working with children and other people who are living in severe poverty as well as those who have been affected by violence, abuse and neglect.

The Roar singer said “I am honoured to join UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador and committed to doing everything I can to help children and adolescents who come from such different backgrounds but want the same thing: a brighter future.”

Miss Perry was top of the list for the role having establishing herself as huge role model to so many young people with her great songs and inspiring words.

Becoming  a UNICEF Ambassador she is following in the footsteps  of other celebrities, such as David Beckham, Orlando Bloom, Jackie Chan, Liam Neeson, Susan Sarandon and many more.

We may take our hats off to Katy Perry.

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