Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour: Live Review

12 May 2014

By Lauren E. White

The highly anticipated ‘Prismatic World Tour’ finally arrived at Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena last night.

Fans waited in the pouring rain for up to eight hours to catch a glimpse of possibly the world’s biggest female artist, Katy Perry. The American singer/songwriter had the brain-storm of creating the so-called ‘Reflection Section’ – a secluded area with a £60 charge per ticket where fans are inside an area of Perry’s prism stage. Those lucky enough to be inside of the RS were covered with a silver sheet during one of the superstar’s funky tracks ‘Walking on Air’ as she flew over them attached only to wires.

Before any of the flying happened, Katy had to debut her dramatic entrance first. On the stage popped up some soldier-like dancers with spears as red lights glowed from their costumes. After they had the crowd pumped up ready for the queen of the night, the prism began to open, each side of the triangle slowly lowering to the floor. Within seconds, there was screaming, crying and shaking as Miss Perry began to belt out her chart-topping ‘Roar’ which was the first song released from her latest album PRISM.

Dancers pranced around the stage in glowing and flashing outfits with mind-blowing props while Perry continued to light up the arena using only her presence. After the ‘Prismatic’ section of the show, there was a short interlude and Katy was back – this time dressed as an Egyptian goddess. Sitting on a gold horse, she emerged from beneath the stage singing her another of her number ones ‘Dark Horse’.


The next section, named ‘Cat-oure’ on Perry’s set-list saw her in a figure-hugging hot pink leopard print cat suit before she changed again into the acoustic costume.


With flowers and butterflies effortlessly floating around the set, Katy began to introduce ‘By the Grace of God’ – the first song Katy penned for her new album, shortly after her divorce with (apparently) comedian Russell Brand. Admitting that she ‘always’ gets nervous when she sings this song, she dedicated it to all of the fans who have stuck by her.


The four other songs that made it to the acoustic section of the show were ‘The One That Got Away’,  ‘Thinking of You’ which Perry was not supposed to sing at all, ‘Double Rainbow’ – a fan favourite from her album and the smash-hit single ‘Unconditionally’. As the beautiful star introduced ‘Unconditionally’ she spoke about the love between a husband and a wife, a wife and a wife or a husband and a husband – then she filled her ‘KatyCats’ with love as she stated the love between her and them was a type of love called ‘unconditional love’.

Katy changed into a yellow smiley-face outfit with green hair before her ‘Hyper Neon’ segment featuring the stunning 29 year-old in knee-high green socks, a leaf bikini and a luminous green bra.


Ending her thoroughly magical show was ‘Firework’, perhaps the song Katy is most known for singing.


It’s extremely difficult to put into words how truly fantastic she was, everything about her mesmerising myself and the rest of the thousands of people inside of the arena. After telling the crowd ‘it’s great to be back’ and reassuring them ‘you need to love yourself’ – Katy Perry is a glowing spirit in this world that often seems so dark and her ‘Prismatic World Tour’ is an example of just that.



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