In case you missed it, Trump threatened nuclear war through Twitter and KFC jumped on the opportunity to spill some tea. Or gravy, rather. There is now a raging debate as to whether the president’s account should be suspended due to these threats.

The tweet in question was:

We don’t need to say how moronic this is. We made it three days without him saying something dumb, but there he goes. Being dumb. Now, in a move we’ve never seen before, fast food giants have adopted the same formula of tweet, to start beef on the site.

I mean you can’t fault the turn around on that parody on that though, can you? Pristine. Bravo KFC.

What a time to be alive when we parody the president’s nuclear threats with fake fast food gripes. 2018 is gonna be a good year, by golly.

I could go for some KFC right now actually.