Snoop Dogg. Bhad Bhabie. Eminem. Papa Johns. These are just a few of the many iconic figures that Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has feuded with during her career.

Now, Iggy‘s focusing her wrath on Lizzo after the Truth Hurts singer failed to credit her as the main artist of Fancy featuring Charlie XCX.

Lizzo is only one week away from holding the record for the longest #1 female rap song. The current record holder is of course Iggy Azalea and Fancy. While urging her fans to stream Truth Hurts, Lizzo gave a shout out to Charlie XCX‘s new album Charli. Lizzo features on the track Blame It on Your Love.

Iggy responded to remind her of who was actually the female rapper on that track but has since deleted her tweet.

“I could have SWORN I was the one rapping that song but okay…” she wrote.

Iggy went on to encourage her fans to stream Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’ Senorita which is currently at number 2. The Sally Walker rapper then changed her Twitter name to “Iggy Azalea Stream Senorita”.

She later tweeted to clarify that she isn’t serious about the whole thing.

This exchange prompted a huge backlash and if you follow Lizzo, your timeline will have been inundated with her retweeting dozens of #streamtruthhurts tweets.

Since Iggy has been called out for appropriating black culture and has a reputation for being argumentative, people were quick to jump on Lizzo’s side and #streamtruthhurts.

Do you think Iggy was just joking? Or did she just backtrack after people started to criticise her?