Batman Forever

Michael Keaton, who played the Caped Crusader twice in Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns, has shared his thoughts on why he didn’t want to do Batman Forever.

On The Hollywood Reporter’s podcast ‘Awards Chatter’, he said, quite simply:

“It sucked,” Keaton said (via Entertainment Weekly). “I knew it was in trouble when [Schumacher] said, ‘Why does everything have to be so dark?'”

Val Kilmer, rather infamously, played the Dark Knight in Batman Forever, and is generally regarded as the worst of the late 90s Batman films. It was so bad. Like so bad. I mean it wasn’t BatNipple George Clooney bad, but still awful. It was after these films that Christian Bale took the mantle, and then it was passed to Ben Affleck, who is arguably the only thing the DCU has going for it on the big screen.

The next iteration of Batman we will see will be later this year in November, with Justice League.

Hopefully, it won’t suck.

But with DCU’s track record currently, it’s difficult not to be skeptical.

Michael Keaton’s next role will be the Vulture in the upcoming Spider-Man film. From the look of the trailer and the concept art, he looks pretty hardcore.