After ten hours of debate in the House of Commons yesterday, MPs voted in favour of launching air strikes on the terrorist organisation Daesh (ISIL/IS/ISIS) in Syria.

A clear majority of 397 MPs voting ‘yes’ made it possible for the Prime Minister to instruct the RAF to launch their air strikes just hours after the vote. There were 223 votes against the air strikes, showing a clear majority supporting the government’s case.

66 Labour MPs sided with Mr Cameron, while the leader of the party Jeremy Corbyn claimed the case for war did not “stack up”.

During the debate, the Prime Minister was also offered the opportunity to apologise for calling MPs who did not support the air strikes “terrorist sympathisers”, but repeatedly refused, prompting outrage within the House and the general public.

The Prime Minister later tweeted that he thought MPs had made the “right decision” in order to “keep the country safe”.