Apparently, we have another Bond movie on the way, even if it is two years and a bit away. While it has been given a release date for 2019, that’s a long time to wait. Daniel Craig, 51, said after the release of Spectre in 2015 that he would rather ‘slit [his] wrists’ than do another film.

Spectre took its toll on the actor, as he injured his knee during a stunt. He has been injured a few times on the job, which comes with the deal of doing a Bond film, we guess.

Despite a date being set, we know literally nothing about the film though: no plot details, or who would play James Bond. The most recent movie was Spectre, which by our accounts wasn’t anywhere near the calibre of Skyfall in 2012. It was okay, but its ending left us a tad unsatisfied. Both movies were directed by Sam Mendes, who already made it clear he was moving on from the franchise.

Craig, being 51, isn’t the oldest a Bond has been. Roger Moore was 58 when A View to a Kill came out.

Bond 25 is the only title we have to go off and it will be written collaboratively by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade.

We shall see, won’t we?