The world’s first gender-free clothing store has opened in New York City. The Phluid Project is aiming to introduce a range of clothes that will appeal to all genders, like many stores have done in the past, but it’s just one big store. Not a fad, not a marketing tool. You can go here and buy whatever you want.

None of the items in the store is expressly labelled as ‘men’ or ‘women’, giving customers the freedom to express themselves how they see fit.

The project is helmed by 30-year fashion veteran Rob Smith,  who wants young people to explore their own identity and find a look that suits them like he did at their age. An idea we can all get behind.


Looks pretty swaggy. Who knew being gender-free could be so…fetch?

Speaking to Mic, he said:

‘I was a young, creative kid who wasn’t able to be his honest and authentic self.

‘So, in a way, I’m creating a space for young people to be their authentic selves and to be unashamed if they want to try on makeup if they want to try on clothes. It’s a space you can try things on and not feel ashamed in any way.’

Customer service, changing rooms and even gender-neutral mannequins have been put in place to make the customer feel welcome and give them the freedom to look how they want. Which is pretty dang neat, right?

Seems to be going well so far:

But, it’s not exactly cheap judging by what we’ve read on Twitter. Just make sure you really want that jumper.

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