Nun claims Katy Perry has “blood on her hands”

17 June 2019

By Bronwen

A nun involved in a property battle with Katy Perry has accused the singer of playing a part in her friend’s death.

89 year old nun Catherine Rose Holzman collapsed and died as she prepared to face Katy Perry’s legal team in court along with her best friend Rita Callanan.

Sister Callanan, 81, claimed that Katy Perry, also known as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, has “blood on her hands”.

Speaking to the New York Post, Callanan said that Sister Holzman’s final words were “Katy Perry. Please stop”.

The legal battle began when Hudson attempted to purchase a property from the Los Angeles archdiocese of which the nuns are former residents.

The Sisters had lived in the 8 acre property for over 40 years, but they have not been residents since 2011.

The convent in the middle of the feud

Hudson purchased the property for $14.5m in 2015. In an effort to block the purchase, the nuns offered the property to restaurant owner Dana Hollister for $44,000.

Their sale was ruled invalid in 2016 and Perry and the archdiocese were awarded damages of more than $10m.

Sister Callanan has since admitted that her attempt to sell the property for $44m was “probably not entirely” legal.

The convent is reportedly back on the market but Hudson and the archdiocese remain in communication over her continued interest in the property.

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