The second season of Stranger Things was released only last week and has already been watched by one-third of Netflix’s subscribers. The show’s premiere averaged around 16 million views during the first three days it was available. Nielsen, the company that tracks this kind of thing, also estimated that 361,000 people watched the entire season on the first day of release. I was one of those people.

Our special boys.

This makes it one of the sites most popular shows, alongside Orange is the New Black, the Marvel stuff and House of Cards. House of Cards is said to enter its final season after the recent controversy regarded Kevin Spacey, who plays the lead.

While 16 million is a lot of views, you should probably take that with a little salt, given how guarded the Netflix numbers are, they are estimated through surveys and other unpublished research.

David Harbour smashed it as Jim Hopper, a fan favourite for his no-nonsense approach to situations and his relationship with Eleven.

Stranger Things 2 was very good, but I felt it didn’t have the same grip as the first one.  Still, the fact it reached that number of people is incredible, given how niche the first one was.