June is the month of LGBTQ+ Pride – and rightly so. It is the same month during which the Stonewall Riots in Greenwhich Village, New York City took place. In fact, in 1969 on this day, the Stonewall Riots broke out after police were too rough with one customer in a known gay bar in NYC. It triggered the Gay Pride movement within America and stood out across the whole world as a turning point for LGBTQ+ rights. So, happy Pride month from us here at b**p.

It’s important to encourage people to accept themselves, not during Pride month, but every month. Self-acceptance is the making of an individual, and until you are truly at peace with who you are, you can never live authentically. That’s why, as non-LGBTQ+ people, we should lift up and support our friends and family members who are part of the community in their journey to self-acceptance and living the life they wish to live.

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LGBTQ+ rights are one of the most important issues in today’s society. Not least because the bullying and suicide rates in the community are ridiculously high, but because we live in a democracy where everyone should be treated equally – and indeed has the right to be treated equally.

That’s why this Pride month, we want to celebrate love and life in all its forms. No matter who you love or who you are, here at b**p we wish you the happiest Pride month and we are proud to stand alongside your fight for equal rights.