Professor Green Talks Depression and Anxiety in Men

21 August 2014

By Yasmine

Stephen Paul Manderson, more commonly known as Professor Green, has spoken out about his knowledge about depression and anxiety in men. Professor Green’s father, Peter Manderson, took his own life back in April 2008 as his depression had become too much for him to handle.

The ‘Read All About it’ rapper confessed that he hadn’t spoken to his father since his 18th birthday. He said he had many emotions the day he found out his had hanged himself, those emotions have scarred him for life. Peter had been struggling with depression and anxiety for years.

Pro Green says it’s a communication problem when it comes to men talking about their issues. The rapper has had struggles of his own with depression and anxiety. Stephen said he had mixed emotions when his father died but anger took over as he said “How could he take himself away from me?” The daughter of the late Robin Williams, Zelda, said something familiar by saying “I’ll never understand how he could be so loved and not find it in his heart to stay”.

Last year 6,000 people killed themselves in Britain alone. Men have admitted that talking about their problems make them look weak. The ‘Inconvenience’ rapper stressed that it is better to talk about your feelings and problems than keep them bottled up because they play on your mind and become a bigger problem than what they are.
Professor Green wrote the song ‘Lullaby’ to give an insight of his depression and how it affected his life.



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