Radiohead Go Offline

Radiohead have (almost) disappeared from the internet, leaving a blank website and empty social media accounts.

On Sunday night, some fans noticed that the Radiohead website was ‘shrinking’ until all that was left was this blank white page:


After this, all of the band’s Facebook posts and Tweets were deleted, leaving the two pages, with millions of followers ‘following’, empty.


Thom Yorke’s personal Twitter has also been wiped.


It is not hard to delete a website, but all the tweets and Facebook posts will have been painstakingly deleted individually. To add to the weirdness, a mystery flyer has been received by a number of UK-based fans who had previously bought merchandise through the band’s website.


Radiohead have not released an album since 2011’s The King Of Limbs. The band has a history of releasing their albums in an unconventional way and so there is now speculation that the new album, which apparently was set to be released this July, could be released shortly.