RE7 Free DLC Coming December


Yes, ladies and gentlemen the DLC we were promised in spring 2017, is finally coming out on 12th December. You will play as Chris Redfield, Resident Evil veteran, as you explore the undergrowth of the house that ensnared Ethan and his wife Mia in the main game.

The DLC will be free and was pushed back to ensure the quality of it reflected that of the base game, given the strong positive reaction to it. There was also another expansion announced, titled The End of Zoe which will show what happened to one of the main characters after a certain point in the game. The developer, Capcom has said that this will be a ‘shocking instalment’, tying up the loose end in one of the game’s storylines.

The game received critical acclaim from numerous publishers. It was a horrifying journey through an intimate setting, with enough to keep you interested. The DLC was pretty good too.

Here’s the trailer for the Gold Edition and the free DLC!