Despite being released over 7 years ago, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging arguably still holds the title for the greatest (and cheesiest) chick flick of all time. The cast may not consist of world-famous actors, or have the most incredible directing, but it will certainly make you giggle as you reminisce on the embarrassing antics of your 14-year-old self.

Based on a series of books by Louise Rennison, the film tells the story of Georgia (Groome), a young girl who, like most at her age, struggles to find the perfect balance between wanting to grow up and get a boyfriend, keeping a good friendship and doing school work, whilst also hosting the ‘freshest choices party around’. In a desperate bid to achieve all of these goals, Georgia realises that neglecting school work, family and friends just to get a boy and be popular isn’t necessarily a good idea, especially when that boy already has a girlfriend. However, like all chick flicks, the girl always gets the boy and it’s a happy ending for all – well, except for Slaggy Lindsay, that is. And maybe Angus the cat too, who continues to be subjected to fancy dress.

There is no doubt that the characters resemble real teenagers; becoming jealous because their best friend has a new boyfriend and they don’t, worrying about what to wear and how to kiss, even down to whether they should wear a thong to impress boys. It may seem a bit futile and silly, but many of these are real problems for young girls. The only difference is that this film does slightly overdo the cheese-factor. With saying such as ‘double cool with knobs on’ and ‘sex God’, this might seem slightly uncool for many teenagers today, but it will certainly make you cringe and make for a good jokey saying.

Overall, this isn’t a masterpiece of a film and on its release it certainly didn’t receive a huge host of awards, but there is no doubt that it has a great storyline and won’t fail to make you laugh. And one piece of advice: don’t use too much cool tan or your legs will look like giant cheesy puffs. It’s not a good look.