Newcastle has many wonders and treasures all year round. But one particular annual tradition is usually a stand-out in the forefront of every Geordie’s mind: Fenwick’s Christmas window.

As a tradition that has been going since 1971, thousands of people have grown up watching the enchanting themes throughout the years. However, this year’s Fenwick’s window wasn’t all that enchanting, really. And it’s not an age thing either.

Showcased slap bang in the middle of Northumberland Street, the queue for the window is long and busy as always, but the display itself was pretty disappointing. Usually there’s a clear stand-out theme: Alice in Wonderland, Jack Frost and Gulliver’s Travels to name a few. But this year the ‘theme’ (if that) of the window wasn’t all that obvious. Santa was stuck in a chimney and a brief mention of a magic carpet. Where’s the story? The message?

The physical design of the window was boring – the majority of the backgrounds or surrounding areas were white, the actual characters looked basic and as though not much thought had gone into making them. A visual of Santa’s sleigh crashing into the Fenwick store was about as good as the visual got with sparkles and a variety of colours.

Each year the window tells us a tale, something to make our hearts warmer than our hands and the ice-cold air surrounding us. But this year, there was no evidence of that at all. The Fenwick’s Christmas window lacked a plot and an enchanting, magical theme. Surrounding children weren’t spellbound or in awe – they simply walked past looking at various bland and predictable designs.

On a whole, this year’s Fenwick’s Christmas window was completely underwhelming. And it’ll be here until January.