Review: Flat White, Durham

28 November 2019

By Lauren E. White


As I’ve said many times before in my restaurant reviews, the small city of Durham provides a hub of places to eat for foodies and those who just want a belly full. Flat White is one of the most popular brunch restaurants in Durham for both types of people – so popular, in fact, that every weekend without fail, there’s a 30-minute queue out of its quaint wooden door on Saddler Street.

Flat White, then, named after a much-loved coffee is supposed to be incredible. The queue has you believe just that, too. As does the lovely vintage-inspired interior. With fresh roses in huge vases on the table and special lights, the wooden tables and benches add a rustic feel to the venue and it is all very lovely to look at. It’s perfect for Instagram, which is why all the students go there, I suspect.


However, you’re likely to get sat on a bench rubbing shoulders with a bunch of strangers. The seating in Flat White is very informal in that you may be literally sitting at a big table with a bunch of people you’ve never met before. Bit uncomfortable.

The brunch itself at Flat White is thoroughly disappointing. Unless you want to fork out a mortgage for something with egg on it, you’ll probably order the french toast with bacon, cream and syrup (or fruit, if you prefer). Sadly, the whole plate was extremely mediocre and, once you’re halfway through the toast, you’re sick. It’s too much syrup and, with the cream, it’s all a bit stodgy.

And for what you get, the price is pretty ridiculous. You can nip down by the river and tuck into a cheaper and much nicer brunch at Riverview Kitchen with a lovely view, just as stunning interior and super friendly staff. It’s not snobby or pretentious, as Flat White can come across, and you can even get a much wider variety of food on the menu.

Sadly, Flat White just didn’t cut it for me.

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