As ever, Apple have been changing their systems and a new update has been released – IOS 9. Apple claims that it is an ‘intuitive, advanced, intelligent and secure mobile operating system’, but this is the same talk we get every time. Let’s see if it really does fulfil its claims.


  • A more modern, cleaner layout – it just looks more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Better battery life, giving you the option to go into power saving mode at 20% and 10%.
  • The introduction of Proactive – a personal assistant that makes your life slightly easier, by tracking your habits and suggesting apps throughout the day that you are most likely to want to use. This is based on previous activity, so is often useful.
  • The ability to multitask. In busy, modern day lives, this is almost always necessary. With slide over, you can view multiple apps at once. Or, on an iPad, they can be placed side to side, with the ability to interact with both at the same time. You can even drag photos or text from one app over to the other.
  • Improvements to maps, allowing you to easily find local businesses, alongside better location tracking.


  • Some of these ‘new’ features have been used previously by other companies, including Android and Windows.
  • There are still some glitches, such as a lag on gaming apps.

Overall, IOS 9 undoubtedly comes with many improvements to Apple products, making use much easier. Although there are still some problems, it is likely that these will be fixed in the near future, so there isn’t much to complain about!