How To Revise With a Cold

24 May 2018

By Bronwen

For many GCSE/A-level/university students, the exam period can be the most stressful of the year. As if hours of revision wasn’t hard enough, the unlucky few among us can sometimes can catch one of those irritating minor illnesses during this crucial time. Something like a cold isn’t enough to be excused or have special circumstances in an exam; it’s just one of those things you’re expected to power through. Even though all you may want to do is just lie in bed and recover, there are ways you can still do well in your exams without causing yourself further ill health.

1) Destress

Many stress-related symptoms are often interpreted as coughs and colds. Stress does funny things to your body. It can cause headaches, reduce your appetite or change your sleeping pattern; all things that will wear you down and make you more susceptible to catching illnesses or make you feel constantly tired. Managing stress is the most important part of exam season and maintaining good wellbeing is way more important than getting 100% in an exam. You can try these tips to help calm your mind and destress.

2) Caffeinated painkillers

If you have a genuine cold, there are loads of painkillers available that are full of caffeine to help your body fight off the infection. These will minimise the drowsiness of painkillers and the general tiredness of being unwell. Just make sure you stay off the Red Bulls if you’re taking these painkillers!

3) A strict sleeping pattern

Sleep plays a huge role in your efficiency while studying. To feel better in yourself and make the most of exam season, it’s best to have a good night sleep of around 8 hours to allow your brain to recharge. Also, studies show that you don’t commit any information to your long-term memory without a good level of sleep. It’s hard to get into this habit but it’s worth it once you do.

4) Carbs

Foods that release energy slowly should be your best friend during exam season but especially when you’re sick. Try to have a diet that is rich in protein and vitamins to help your body overcome the illness.

5) Intervals

Taking breaks is essential while revising and when you have a cold, so you should revise in smaller intervals. Try not to work for more than about 20 minutes at any one time as to not overwork yourself. Your breaks should consist of a drink and a chill out- you’ll recover much quicker if you’re not grinding away for hours.


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