After the warnings given to both Russian and British teams in the Uefa Euros, Russia has been given a suspended disqualification in wake of racist and disruptive behaviour involving fireworks and violence.

Up to 50 fans have already been deported, and many more are likely to meet the same fate.

Wayne Rooney, captain of the England team, and manager Roy Hodgson have even pleaded that fans calm down.

Hodgson pointed out that these ‘threats’ of disqualification would see all the hard work of the England team dashed, due to a few fans not knowing where to draw the line.

Vitaly Mutko, Russia’s minister for sport, has dubbed the Uefa appeal as unfair, saying “What does this have to do with the team; it is not guilty of anything.” But there is little room for Russia to move, it would seem, as just yesterday, a Russian MP and FA official actually praised fans for fighting, requesting that they ‘keep it up’.

Another spokesman, Vladimir Markin, mocked the French police on Twitter, claiming they could not handle “real men” because they were used to policing gay pride marches.

I think “real men” wouldn’t take a sport revolving around kicking a ball into a net so damn seriously.

It’s not looking good for Russia.