Secret Diner: Za Za Bazaar

18 February 2015

By Lauren E. White

The attention surrounding the Za Za Bazaar restaurant in the Gate in Newcastle is rapidly increasing amongst teenagers and adults alike. A world banquet in one room is appealing to one and all with sections dedicated to Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian cuisine and many more – Za Za Bazaar isn’t just another ordinary restaurant.

Good points:

  1. There is a lot of variety in the restaurant and it caters for everyone whether or not you fancy trying a Rogan Josh curry in the tandoori section, or if you want to remain firmly in your comfort zone with the traditionally British fish and chips.
  2. Food is cooked live in front of you meaning that it is fresh and also provides an authentic feel to the restaurant.
  3. While it may not be edible, the decor of Za Za Bazaar is absolutely wonderful and really does capture the essence of the world banquet theme.


Bad points:

  1. While food is cooked live in front of you, it does take some time waiting in the queue for pasta. Make sure you have no other food with you while you wait otherwise it will not be hot by the time you return to your seat.
  2. The prices of drinks are extortionate and completely over-priced which takes the cost of a lunchtime buffet during the week to over ten pounds.

Customer service: 5/5

Unlike many other restaurants I have eaten in with friends, this is the only one that has not made us pay before our meal. The staff were extremely friendly and one member of staff was constantly at our table every time we finished a plate of food, ready to take it from us. As well as this, when you enter the restaurant, if you have not visited before, you will be offered a tour of all the sections and are then taken to your table. It is almost as though you’re being waited on hand and foot.

Value for money: 4/5

On a weekday at lunchtime, it cost me and my friend (we are classed as adults) £7.99 each for the buffet which is excellent value for money. When you consider how much food you are getting and the variety of food you are getting, Za Za Bazaar is well within the budget of teenagers and adults – especially in the half-term holidays. Although, the place where restaurants like these make their money is by charging you a £2.99 fee for drinks. Be prepared for the over-priced fee of beverages.

We suggest:

  1. The Rogan Josh curry with the freshly-made roti.
  2. The oriental-style sweet and sour chicken.
  3. The Japanese sushi section – give it a try even if you think it’s not your thing.

To see more about Za Za Bazaar, click here.

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