Female student sits in classroom blowing bubble with gum looking arrogantly out of the window

Chewing gum is great! It has benefits when studying and learning as it has been proven to help you remember information and relieve stress and anxiety, it’s banned in schools. This ban should be removed because it could help out the students and give the school better grades.

Can gum improve test scores?

In school you go through many tests. Lots of pupils experience daily stress because of this. With chewing gum stress levels would go down so higher test scores should be achieved. In addition, psychologists have proved that if you have a certain chewing gum flavour while doing something, and if you have that same flavour again it can remind you of it. This would be helpful in revision, then again in tests. This could also be a solution to reduce cheating as it wouldn’t be necessary to the pupil.

Chewing gum stuck under desk

Chewing it also burns calories and can help with your teeth – it’s dentist approved! Also it has been shown to burn 17 calories an hour, so during our school’s (st thomas more) 75 minute lessons it would burn 20.4 calories! More than the few calories you would burn while just sitting in class.

And help with ADHD?

Many students with ADHD or ADD use chewing gum to help them concentrate because the chewing motion can help them relax and focus on simple tasks. However, when they have chewing gum in class they will often put it underneath of tables to avoid being caught; this could be prevented by simply letting students chew gum so they could put it in the bin at a later time. Students also spit chewing gum on the floor to stop them from getting a punishment for it.

So, to sum this up, chewing gum should be allowed as in has many benefits within school.