Simon on the Lookout For the Next Calvin Harris

2 May 2014

By Yasmine


Simon Cowell’s record label, Syco Entertainment, have teamed up with SFX Entertainment to find the next big DJ.

The music competition is to be called Ultimate DJ and it is set to take place online. DJ’s will be able to submit their recordings and fans will be able to vote via social media. The second round of the competition will move onto live challenges.

Cowell certainly knows where to invest his money as the electronic music culture market has been valued at £2.7 billion. BPI’s latest figures showed that dance music has become the UK’s third most popular genre, with pop taking first place and rock being second.

The music mogul said ‘It made complete sense for us to collaborate with SFX’. Simon certainly has his head screwed on, knowing that SFX Entertainment is responsible for extravagant music events around the world such as Tommorwland in Belgium and New York’s Electric Zoo. Cowell’s record label was founded in 2002 and he is now famous for music acts such as One Direction and Labrinth.

Let’s hope Calvin Harris and David Guetta don’t get upstaged.



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