Spoiled Girl Sues Parents (and fails…)

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10 March 2014

By Bronwen

An 18 year old girl from New Jersey, USA has sued her parents (or at least attempted to) after moving out of her home.

Rachel Canning lost the case against her parents, where she tried to acquire a substantial allowance from her parents. She moved out in October last year, after deciding she did not like the rules of the house. She also claimed that her mother would frequently call her “fat”, which resulted in an eating disorder and also told the court that she suffered other verbal and physical abuse.

Her parents stopped paying her bills when she moved out, and the greedy girl was seeking benefits of $650 in weekly child support and wanted her school fees paid as well as attorney fees. The cheerleader also requested that her parents  pay all of her college costs, which in America can cost up to $30,000 a year.

The judge was disgusted by Canning’s bratty appeal, and said in a statement:

“Are we going to open the gates for 12-year-olds to sue for an Xbox? For 13-year-olds to sue for an iPhone? Have you ever in your experience seen a young adult, child, whatever you want to call Rachel, show such gross disrespect for her parents?”

He has a point, as Rachel has clearly had everything handed to her on a silver platter, and now that her parents aren’t giving in to her demands, she has thrown a tantrum and spat the dummy out.



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