A star from the hit TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race was accused of being ‘a walking STD’ in a verbal attack at a kebab shop in Newcastle on Wednesday. A video was posted on Snapchat and YouTube also appears to show a woman asking star Farrah Moan ‘why are you so gay?’

The performer retaliated before the woman shouted  ‘You’re a walking STD’ three times.

Northumbria Police said the video appeared to show a hate crime and it was aware of a report of an assault connected to the incident. Moan and fellow star Shea Coulee were in the takeaway on Monday evening, following their show, which is currently touring the UK.

Moan wrote on Twitter:


The show is now in its 10th series, shows drag queen RuPaul Charles on the hunt for America’s ‘next drag superstar’. If you can stomach the amount of sass, then it’s on Netflix. Binge to your heart’s content.

The police added that ‘we do not tolerate this type of behaviour in our city’ and rightly so. We celebrate people of all creeds, sexuality, gender or whatever. Shame this happened in a kebab shop of all places.

Who wants to start beef in a kebab shop? It’s mostly lamb anyhow.

We hope.