Taylor’s Good Reputation

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15 November 2017

By Alex Khalil

Taylor Swift’s newest album Reputation has sold 1.04 million copies in the US since Friday, Billboard magazine reports.

The star’s sixth album puts her ahead of 2017’s previous best-seller, which was Ed Sheeran’s Divide, which has shifted 919,000 albums to date. It’s also her fourth album to sell a million copies in just one week, along with 1989, Red and Speak Now. Only Adele is the other artists to have ever done this.

Both artists have withheld their albums from streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music – a move that basically forces fans to buy the album in store or online. It has been rumoured that Reputation will be on Spotify later this week.

Several reviews have praised the album for its maturity, as she goes ‘all guns blazing’ at the problems she faces. But it’s a bit diminished when it gets to a catchy chorus. Sort of detracts from the meaning a bit.

The new album is set to debut at number one in the UK after 65,437 sales over this weekend. But it’s unlikely she’ll beat out Ed Sheeran on his home turf.

The state of those music videos.

She isn’t half extra, is she?

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