After a few rumours, speculating which Batman villain the future film would star, Ben Affleck has given us a glimpse of what is to come.

It’s Deathstroke.

Affleck provided no other information other than the clip, but has already gotten people rather excited, now that it’s clear the next Batman film maybe won’t be focusing on the Joker, which people are rather sick of. Deathstroke is DC’s most dangerous mortal assassin, and often goes up against the Bat when interests collide. He played a rather disappointingly small part in Arkham Origins and was also in the Arkham Knight game for a time.

It has been confirmed that Deathstroke will be the main villain in the standalone movie.

Affleck is currently working on the Justice League which will release next year, and will direct and star in the standalone Batman film, but it is still unclear as to whether the footage shown was from the Justice League or a screen test for Affleck’s movie.

Deathstroke’s first comic appearance was in the 1980 issue of The New Teen Titans, and since then he has locked horn with multiple villains and heroes from around the universe.

This isn’t the first tease that DC fans have been given from stars. Henry Cavill, Superman, posted an image earlier this month of a darker suit, suggesting the next appearance of Superman would take a page out of The Death and Return of Superman comics from the early 90s.

Don't worry, took me a while to see the 'S' too.

Don’t worry, took me a while to see the ‘S’ too.

Justice League releases next year in November, and stars Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, and Gal Gadot.