The Beano Comic: Still Good Today?

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28 September 2019

By NEBeep

Do you enjoy being entertained? Do you like funny jokes? Do you like learning top secret pranks? Well if you do, then The Beano comic is for you.

In my opinion, The Beano is Britain’s best comic and is home to comic legends the Bash Street Kids. They have super skills…and maximum chaos! Bu please, keep it quiet, don’t tell the parents!


Do you know who is tougher than all the boys? Of course, it’s Minnie the Minx. She is so sneaky and strong and just couldn’t be better. She makes me laugh so much sometimes I wonder if my head is going to fall off! Minnie might be rude to most people, however her Dad is her worst enemy who would like her to be his “little princess”.

Do you know the world’s wildest boy? Well, if you don’t, you better keep reading. It’s Dennis the Menace.

Dennis is Beanotown’s spiky-haired master of mischief and mayhem. He is always getting into scraps and battles with people who get in his way but he know that life is all about going on adventures and having fun with your mates.


The Beano also includes the #SOBeano competition. The reader who finds Minnie’s beret first gets to pick the best jokes and tricks. This comic is also packed with hilarious jokes and cunning pranks.

Are you curious? If you are I strongly urge you to save some pocket money and buy your first copy. You won’t be disappointed!

By Emily, aged 9, from Newcastle High School for Girls

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