The Foxes Bring It Home

3 May 2016

By Alex Khalil

After 5000-1 odds of them winning, the Foxes have won the Premier League.

They were crowned last night, when their nearest rivals Tottenham drew 2-2 at Chelsea.

Former Chelsea manager Ranieri said, “I’m so proud. The players have been fantastic. Their focus, their determination, their spirit has made this possible.”

Team Captain Wes Morgan described his team-mates as “brothers”.

He went on to say, “Everyone’s worked so hard for this. Nobody believed we could do it, but here we are, Premier League champions and deservedly so. People saw it last season when everyone expected us to be relegated, but we fought back to prove people wrong.”

It’s safe to say a number of fans showed their immense support and happiness through Twitter.




The team’s victory has been described as a “fairy-tale” and the “most unlikely triumph in the history of team sport”. Not to mention, even Gary Lineker said he’d record Match of the Day in his undies if they won.

People who bet on Leicester’s boys to win have been rewarded massively, with some takings as large as £26,000.

Many are calling this one of the greatest feats in sporting history. A team of dedicated players, all hungry for the win, combined with all that hard work paying off – it has to be worth it.

After their win, Lineker simply tweeted:

And then this headline followed:


Well done, lads!

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