Hakuna Matata

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17 May 2023

By Maddie

Do you love the original Disney ‘Lion King’ animation? If so, you won’t be disappointed by the Lion King Stage production
–in fact, you will be truly delighted!

While in the film “Circle of Life” is sung by a voice off-screen, Rafiki takes on the opening number in the The Lion King musical.

This enchanting musical tells the story of a royal lion cub, Simba, who is welcomed into the Kingdom of the African Savannah with great rejoicing and hope for the future by all creatures in the land. All, that is, except for his nefarious uncle, Scar, who will stop at nothing to steal the throne from Simba’s father, Mufasa, and ultimately from Simba himself. Though Simba faces many struggles and difficult choices, he is surrounded by loyal friends who always have his back and compel him to fulfil his royal destiny.

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The whole production is a masterpiece, from vibrant clothing to the imaginative scenery to the atmospheric lighting. Live musicians and heart-stopping vocalists capture the full essence of Africa. But the true highlight of the show is the animals themselves and the incredible actors whose talents convince you that the puppets they manipulate are living, breathing creatures – you really have to see how stunning they are to believe it!

The West End show of The Lion King is currently on tour around the UK. This heart-warming tale is guaranteed to delight the whole family – if you haven’t seen it already, the experience is well worth it!

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