The risk asylum seekers take

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30 November 2021

By Josh P

After the heartbreaking news that 27 people were killed following a failed crossing of the Channel, asylum seekers coming in boats are fresh our minds. But what can be done to prevent such devastating events from happening again?

It’s hard not to immediately reflect on recent comments from Home Secretary Priti Patel who said she would bring an end to 100% of “migrant crossings”.

Priti Patel intended to meet with her French counterpart Gerald Darmanin to discuss ways in which France and the United Kingdom could cooperate to bring a full halt to asylum seekers crossings in the Channel.

She has, however, been uninvited following Wednesday’s events.

It clear that the danger in these crossings needs to be dealt with.

The prevention of such a deadly method of transportation would go a long way to save countless people from dying in the ocean.

While preventing crossings from happening could save lives, surely some form of alternative for people seeking to migrate would be necessary?

Regardless of how heavily enforced protections are against Channel crossings, there is always going to be demand for these crossings to continue taking place. As further crackdowns take place, it’s highly likely dangerous routes will remain common.

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If the government focused more keenly on helping people to cross without the large risks, this would be far more beneficial than simply increasing the difficulty of crossings.

Even Priti Patel’s recent comments endorsing the use of pushback tactics to prevent crossings bring their own issues. Many people have argued that this could be illegal in international law.

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