TV Review: Bridgerton

22nd January 2021

4/5 Dearest reader, I give you my sincere gratitude for joining me in this reviewing endeavour. I am sure it will be most revealing indeed. * Now, if you haven’t seen or read Bridgerton, you’ll be wondering what on earth is going on with me! Netflix’s latest fantastic original, based on the novel series by […]

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TV Review: The Undoing

30th November 2020

4/5 Think top actors meet trash-ish TV. That’s The Undoing – but it’s great. A simple murder mystery about some seriously rich New Yorkers and an English child oncologist Jonathan Fraser, who apparently mysteriously finds himself accused of murdering his secret lover, played by Hugh Grant. Though the first couple of episodes have enough Americanisms […]

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Review: The Crown, S4

16th November 2020

The Crown returned to Netflix last weekend after months of anticipation from fans around the globe. Knowing that series four would cover the years of Thatcher and Princess Diana, the series has been trending on Twitter for most of the past two days. But is it any good? Well, the previous series of The Crown […]

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TV Review: Deadwater Fell

14th October 2020

3.5/5 When a housefire devastates a close, rural community in Scotland, killing most of the family apart from one – the father – and it’s on Channel 4, you know there’s foul play somewhere. Deadwater Fell, streaming on E4, is a four-part drama in which said foul play unravels at break-kneck speed. The first episode […]

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Must Watch: This Country

22nd November 2019

I’ve always watched the British version of The Office and have absolutely loved it. Stephen Merchant was able to bring a completely different medium of comedy to our screens and it’s never really been matched. However, the new BBC mockumentary sitcom This Country came highly recommended to me by my mother and Rotten Tomatoes, and […]

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TV Review: Netflix’s Unbelievable

9th October 2019

Netflix has outdone themselves recently with their latest series Unbelievable. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning article written by T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong, the eight-episode series follows the story of a manhunt for a serial rapist across the Western United States. The series explores the ordeal of the first victim, 18-year-old Marie, who reports […]

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TV Review: The Thick of It, BBC

2nd October 2019

5/5 Not since David Mitchell and Robert Webb’s Peep Show have I laughed so much watching a TV series as I did watching The Thick of It. This BBC comedy is set in Whitehall and follows the bumbling workings of a fictional government department – scandals and all. The Thick of It is absolutely hilarious. […]

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TV Review: Mothers on the Edge, Louis Theroux

22nd September 2019

5/5 Louis Theroux is renowned for his documentaries all around the world. His non-invasive, accepting and calm style of presenting is perfect for getting the truth of a situation or matter, and Mothers on the Edge is no different. Having previously covered issues like gambling, porn, sex trafficking, drug addiction and much more, Theroux this […]

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TV Review: Our Planet, BBC

19th September 2019

Our Planet is a TV series originally broadcast by the BBC, but now streaming on Netflix. Narrated by the amazing David Attenborough and filmed across the world, Our Planet is all about animals, their habitats and how they survive in difficult circumstances. This is a popular series that has inspired people to be more aware […]

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Doctor Who: still the best?

3rd September 2019

Once upon a time, Harry Potter was all I wanted to watch. Then, by chance, I saw one episode of Doctor Who. As soon as the next series started, I was downstairs and watching it – glued to the TV. Doctor Who is a BBC sci-fi drama which has been running for over 50 years […]

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TV Review: Black Mirror, S2:E1

7th August 2019

Netflix and Channel 4 series, the award-winning Black Mirror, opens its second series looking at an aspect of life that is so frightening, yet inevitable: death. Be Right Back, which is episode one of the new series, tells the story of Martha and Ash, a couple who move into a new cottage. The next day, […]

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Molly-Mae Online Abuse is too Far

4th August 2019

Love Island finished earlier this week and has left us with nothing to do when it hits 9pm these days. Though it seems that horrid Twitter and Instagram trolls have found a way of busying themselves – by harassing star Molly-Mae Hague who placed second in last Monday’s final. Molly-Mae, who was coupled up with […]

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TV Review: Glee

16th July 2019

5/5 As co-creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuck and Ian Brennan say in the very first episode of Glee, the literal definition of the word is: “open delight or pleasure”. Glee – the show and the word itself – is all about sheer happiness and joy. To be gleeful is to watch Glee – that is […]

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On This Day: Live Aid 1985

13th July 2019

In 1985 came a day in music history that would change live concerts and our expectation of them forever. On this day in 1985, it was time for Live Aid. Live Aid was organised by musicians Bob Geldof and Midge Urie to raise money for the Ethiopian famine horrifying the world at that time. It […]

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Love Island… The Story So Far

9th July 2019

Love Island 2019 is well underway and, as usual, has captured the attention of millions of viewers for a whole summer. With dramatic fall-outs, re-couplings and U-turns at every corner of the ITV2 TV show, we thought it was time to go through the Love Island 2019 story so far and give it the good […]

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Chris Lilley's characters clockwise from centre: Keith, Gavin, Quentin, Jana, Becky, Joyce

Review: Chris Lilley’s Lunatics

29th May 2019

Not exactly a household name, Chris Lilley an Australian comedian who you either know and love or haven’t really heard of at all. For a certain few, the trailer for the release of his latest series Lunatics was something of a big deal. Known for mockumentary-style shows like Summer Heights High and Angry Boys, Lilley is responsible for portraying some […]

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Love Island contestants mixtures of male and female in swimming costumes in front of bright colourful digital background

Love Island Contestant Review

28th May 2019

We’ve got a text! It’s officially Love Island time on 3rd June where the hit TV show will entertain millions of viewers up and down the country. ITV has released the contestant line-up – and we’re going to go through it all with you. Following last year’s massive success, there are high expectations being placed […]

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Review: The Brexit Storm

4th April 2019

4/5 The Brexit process has caused an absolute storm in Parliament and across the whole country. But what’s it like being right at the heart of all the drama? BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg shows exactly what it’s like throughout her new feature programme The Brexit Storm: Laura Kuenssberg’s Inside Story. Tracking through the past […]

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TV Review: Sex Education

22nd February 2019

5/5 It’s not often that big media outlets like Netflix manage to create a realistic TV show about what it’s like to be a young person in the modern world. Think 13 Reasons Why and think about how awful a portrayal of suicide and young people it gave to its millions of viewers. However, the […]

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Let’s talk Doctor Who Series 11

14th January 2019

Since Matt Smith’s 2nd series, I’ve thought of DW as the best bad show on television. Or the worst good show, depending on the episode. Steven Moffat’s writing style often convoluted simple and effective concepts in service of unsatisfying mystery boxes. The new showrunner Chris Chibnall had a lot to improve on for the new […]

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Review: House of Cards’ Final Series

7th January 2019

As loyal readers of b**p will know all too well, I have been a House of Cards superfan from the first second I watched the series. My biggest achievement to date (screw the A Levels and getting into uni) is finishing the series in four days. When allegations of sexual assault and harassment against Kevin […]

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Character appears with an 'O' as a target on his face

TV Review: Ozark

12th December 2018

It’s been [unjustly] hailed as a ‘dark drama that wants to be Breaking Bad’ that isn’t ‘quite up to par‘. I am talking about the Netflix Original series everyone should be talking about: Ozark. The series follows Marty Byrde as he attempts to launder money for Mexico’s second-largest drug cartel. As you might expect, this […]

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A tweak in mild amusement

10th December 2018

I dunno about you, I feel like I’ve been away a long time. I was beginning to feel a semblance of happiness before I committed to staring down this week’s ‘amusing’ news. But with my mental wellbeing returned to a satisfactorily trudging internal scowl, let’s dive in. Serkis act If Theresa May just released a […]

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4 budget halloween costumes

31st October 2018

It’s the designated spookiest time of the year. And Halloween parties are near unavoidable. No one wants to be that person who constantly receives grief for their lack of costume. Not to worry though, your old uncle Kieran is here to help with a few costume ideas that won’t break the teeteringly fragile bank. Shaun […]

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A week in mild amusement

16th October 2018

Let’s get down from business X-Factor contestants who were filmed excitedly enjoying business class were sent back to economy once filming stopped. I don’t see why people are annoyed by this. The short taste of opulence followed by a hard push back to poverty is great practice for the eventual winner. The only way they […]

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House of Cards kills Frank Underwood?

7th September 2018

Following accusations of sexual assault against House of Cards lead actor Kevin Spacey, a teaser trailer for the show’s final season has revealed his character’s fate. The trailer shows Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright, standing at a gravestone with the epitaph reading: ‘Francis J Underwood, 46th President of the United States’. You should have […]

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4 best pop-culture misanthropes

24th August 2018

After going to see Christopher Robin this weekend, it struck me how much I enjoyed the character of Eeyore. The idea of a perpetually gloomy pessimist, I realised, is one of my favourite archetypes. We’re all hit by moments when we can’t be bothered with people and a misanthropic grump is a great vicarious antidote. Here are […]

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4 people we hated more than the villain

27th June 2018

There are some truly reprehensible villains out there. In both fiction and reality. Sometimes though, the bloke posited as our ultimate bad guy isn’t half as bad as the slimeball in the background. Here are our picks for the characters who, honestly, were worse than the official antagonist. Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter) If you’ve ever […]

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4 Sidekicks who are better than the hero

3rd June 2018

It’s a thankless job being a sidekick. You have to go through the same adversity the protagonist does and at the end of it, all you get is a lousy pat on the head and (in Chewbacca’s case) not even a medal. What the hell Leia? For your viewing pleasure, here’s our list of sidekicks […]

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Walking Dead Star To Leave Show

1st June 2018

Andrew Lincoln, who has played Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead for the past eight years, will be leaving the show after the next season. The show became a cult classic rapidly after its first season in 2010, spawning a whole host of games and spin-offs. Reported via Collider, they state that the ninth season […]

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A week in mild amusement

30th May 2018

Royale with sleaze The makers of popular video game Fortnite are being sued by the studio behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for copying their game. With the best will in the world, this did raise my eyebrows slightly. The premise of both games is that a large number of players are dropped into an area and have […]

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A message to Kim Kardashian

12th May 2018

All of the time we hear people banging on about body confidence and whatever empowers one woman is great for all women. But there’s something I need to say. And I need to send a message to Kim Kardashian. Before I begin my long-winded episode of I Don’t Want to Keep up with the Kardashians […]

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cancelled

11th May 2018

Cast members of the cult classic Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV show have thanked fans for their support, as it was revealed that Fox would not be renewing it for another season. The network has said that the final season will air later this month. The show starred the likes of Andy Samberg, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero […]

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Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events

11th May 2018

The A Series of Unfortunate Events book series was one of my favourite reads as a child. It was darkly mature, funny and utterly distinct from anything else at the time. When I heard Netflix was producing a TV series, then, it naturally intrigued me. Long form storytelling is really the only way to tell […]

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A week in mild amusement

8th May 2018

Gnome country for old men Scottish police have appealed to the public after someone stole 37 garden gnomes from a front garden in Angus. Against all odds, this doesn’t even appear to be guerrilla marketing for that Sherlock Gnomes movie that’s, for some reason, coming out. Police describe the kidnapped collectables as the ‘usual gardening […]

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DC Turning to Horror

5th May 2018

DC, because it wants a piece of all the pies, has announced its own streaming service, DC Universe, and has revealed its first exclusive live-action series, Swamp Thing. Even better, the team behind the series has created some of the best horror movies in the last few years. We have Mark Verheiden (Ash vs. Evil […]

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Bill Cosby guilty of sexual assault

26th April 2018

US comedian Bill Cosby has been found guilty of sexual assault in a groundbreaking trial. It is the latest achievement of justice the #MeToo sexual assault and harrassment movement has brought about since the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Cosby has been convicted of drugging and molesting a woman in 2004 following a large […]

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18th April 2018

Why I do have sympathy for Ant Ant McPartlin, one half of TV’s Ant and Dec, has been part of the nation’s life for as long as people my age (18 now, thanks for asking) can remember. He has been our Saturday nights in the spring and our November nights in, staying up late in […]

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Deadpool TV Show All but Cancelled

28th March 2018

With the unveiling of Deadpool 2 coming later this year, it was announced in 2017 there would be an animated Deadpool TV show from Donald Glover. Unfortunately, it’s falling apart. Donald Glover, his brother Stephen and FX have announced they have separated from the show, due to ‘creative differences’, according to Entertainment Weekly. Right now, we’re […]

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Shakespeare Gets the Female Perspective

26th March 2018

Oscar-nominated actor and producer Margot Robbie is to bring some of Shakespeare’s work to Australian network ABC – and there’s a twist. Robbie, who was born and raised in Australia, will tell some of the Bard’s great work from a female perspective with an all-female creative team. There will be ten standalone episodes aimed at […]

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BenDeLaCreme drag queen in gold dress

BenDeLaCreme Spills The Tea

23rd March 2018

Being a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race irrefutably comes with emotional baggage.  As Shangela often put it with her onslaught of Game of Thrones references, shock eliminations and unexpected departures –  namely BenDeLaCreme’s – are merely part of the narrative. However, I can speak for everyone when I say this series of ‘All Stars 3’ […]

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Netflix’s The Crown Pay Gap Exposed

13th March 2018

Just when you think the gender pay gap couldn’t get any more ludicrous, it does. This time, it’s with the news that The Crown’s Claire Foy, who played the Queen in the Netflix original series, was paid less than Matt Smith, who played Prince Philip. It’s not like Foy was playing the main character or […]

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Obama: Netflix Exclusive

9th March 2018

Netflix and America’s only good president, Barack Obama, is potentially going to be collaborating on TV shows together. Reported by The New York Times, Obama is in ‘advanced negotiations’ with Netflix to create a ‘series of high-profile shows’. NYT’s report doesn’t cite sources, however. As part of the deal, Netflix would pay Obama and his […]

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Can we still watch Aziz Ansari?

23rd February 2018

I threw on Parks and Recreation the other night as a comfort watch. It’s my favourite US sitcom and my go-to for a few easy laughs mixed in with a healthy touch of gooey sentiment. However, as I chuckled at the cringey antics of MVP-wannabe Tom Haverford, a pang of guilt struck me. I thought […]

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TV Review: The Fall

18th February 2018

4.5/5 Crime and thriller TV series are some of the most successful in the world. Broadchurch, Silent Witness and Breaking Bad are some of the most popular, and the best. But some of them have been absolute flops, trying to fit in with the trend and utterly failing to do so. The Fall is the […]

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The Standstill Dead

18th January 2018

After AMC’s The Walking Dead saw its lowest ratings since Season 2, the show is seeing a mix up in show-runners. Scott Gimple will leave the role he has occupied since 2013. He will be replaced by Angela Kang, who previously worked on the show as a writer. The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Gimple will […]

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Game of Thrones Spin-Offs in the Works

16th January 2018

While it was originally the plan to end Game of Thrones at Season 8, plans have now been set for up to five prequels. The eighth series is set to release in 2019, however HBO has plans reaching far beyond that now. Last year, it was reported that the channel was indeed working on prequels. […]

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Gillian Anderson Finished with Scully?

11th January 2018

With the news of a new season of X-Files, Gillian Anderson shared that she is ready to move on from the role of Scully. Well, this has been all but confirmed, as she shut down the notion of returning to the character at any point. Gillian Anderson started playing the role in 1993 and has […]

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A week in mild amusement

9th January 2018

Theresa May, in a blistering display of chastisement not seen since you laughingly called your dog a ‘bad boy’ while snapchatting him chewing up kleenex, has said she’s ‘not impressed’ with Toby Young’s scintillating Twitter history. She said Young has been assured that if he talks that way in the future, his shiny new job […]

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Daleks, Doctor Who's main enemies standing in a group

How to Who

8th January 2018

I recently set myself the unenviable task of watching the entire Doctor Who series since the 2005 reboot in the space of a month. Therefore, I’ve a lot of Who on the brain. This years festive special marked the final appearance of Peter Capaldi as the cantankerous Time-Lord but, more interestingly, the departure of showrunner […]

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