The Rock Can’t Be President

Rumours have circulated for months about whether Dwayne Johnson would be body slamming into the Presidential run in 2020. But, it would appear those dreams of this big muscly boy being President:

Have been denied.

Earlier this year it was shown that the 45-year-old’s polling rating was higher than that of the current POTUS, a literal walking Dorito. He’s a wonderful bloke, no shortage of charisma and I don’t think you could find someone who doesn’t love him.

But the reason he won’t be running would be because of his co-star and friend Kevin Hart. Yes, the embodiment of Short Man Syndrome is putting Dwayne off the 2020 goal, as he explained the other night on The Graham Norton Show. The full cast of the recently released Jumanji was sat on the sofa, doing promotion for the movie.

He did a monologue on Saturday Night Live earlier in the year in May. He isn’t the only celebrity who said they would run for the 2020 election. Kanye West reportedly wanted to run, after speaking with BBC’s Annie Mac in 2016, saying:

‘When I talk about the idea of being president, I’m not saying I have any political views.
‘I just have a view on humanity, on people, on the truth.’

It’s a tad disheartening but hey, just remember one of the most valuable lessons The Rock ever taught us:

And to also pile-drive anyone who stops you achieving your dreams.

I ad-libbed that one a bit.