There were times as a child when we all wanted to know a little more than our parents were letting on. Is Santa real? Do unicorns exist? How does eating vegetables actually help me?

But we always wanted to know one thing.

What have you got me for my birthday?

Well, a young girl called Lily has created a con-masterpiece.

She skilfully and meticulously copied her father’s handwriting, in an attempt to fool her mother into revealing a certain piece of information.




Looks all in order to me. The colon after ‘love’; the high-quality capitalisation. Even a few lines to write the response.

After being posted to reddit, people were loving the thought of what the mother’s reply would be.

“Dear: Don. I cannot believe you forgot. You never remember the important things. I want a divorce,” or “Hey dear husband, it’s me, your wife; I got her an algebra textbook like we said; I hope she likes it.”

We hope Lily’s ploy worked. And that her surprise was anything but an algebra textbook.