thoughts and prayers

A student who survived the massacre in Parkland Florida has spoken out about what needs to change, saying ‘thoughts and prayers’ aren’t needed. Action is.

An expelled student opened fire in a school in Parkland Florida on Wednesday, using an AR-15 to gun down 17 people, including students and faculty. One student, David Hogg, used his camera while the shooting was taking place, to ask other pupils their thoughts on gun control.

The people he interviewed, in hushed voices, had the same ideas. That more needs to be done to control the selling of guns.

Consider this. In America, if you are under 21, you will not be served alcohol, better yet let into a bar. A 19-year-old however, who had recently been radicalised by a group of white nationalists, was able to purchase a gun, legally and keep it in his home. He premeditated this shooting and the government said sure. Buy a gun. Whatever.

It was also revealed that the FBI was warned about him several months ago.

David Hogg has a point.

Thoughts and prayers mean nothing, in the grand scheme of things. Every time something like this roll around, it’s the same discussion. Meaning those in favour of gun laws will say ‘now is not the time to talk about gun laws’.

But when you have someone, first hand saying that this needs to stop, maybe you should put aside your politics, scrap an amendment that was made when people still used b**ping swords, and figure something out.

Students shouldn’t have to pay the price just because the GOP loves the NRA.

In related news, a writer for The Onion, the satirical website for big news, recently spoke about that headline. Here’s what he said.

But yeah.

Thoughts and prayers.