Tired All the Time? Here’s Why

One in five adults suffers from tiredness at any given time, and this can have a strain on our work, relationships and life in general. Contrary to popular opinions, it’s not just caused by a lack of sleep. Here are some common reasons why you may be constantly stifling yawns.

1- Anxiety. Feeling afraid or anxious is a psychological reason for prolonged fatigue. Therefore, in order to relieve the fatigue, you must combat your anxiety. The undeniablely best way to do this is to speak with your GP. They won’t judge you and you could find yourself feeling alert again in no time.

2- Too much alcohol. If you’re a bit of a lightweight or ┬áif you’ve consumed excessive amounts of alcohol in recent times, you will most likely be able to attribute tiredness to that.

3- Other health physical problems. If you suffer from diabetes or are either under or over weight, this could be the reason for your tiredness.

4- Emotional shock. Messy break ups, deaths in the family or other stressful events are often to blame.

5- Having a bad posture. Sitting with a straight back and walking tall can give you an energy boost. It sounds weird, but slouching can drain you.

6- Exercising too much. It’s not often you’re told to cut back on the exercise, but an excess of it can be just as detrimental as a lack of it. Make sure you take plenty of breaks. One or two rest days a week is recommended.