Top 5 Vids: Example

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5 February 2015

By NEBeep

Elliot Gleave is an English singer – songwriter, more commonly know to the masses as Example. He shot to fame in 2010 after releasing his second studio album Wont Go Quietly. 

We have put together what we think are Examples top 5 music videos:

1. ‘Changed The Way You Kissed Me’
‘Changed The Way You Kissed Me’ is a song from Example’s third studio album Playing in the Shadows. The song was released on 5 June 2011 as the albums lead single. The song reached number one in the UK Singles Chart after selling over 115,000 copies. The track finished as the years seventeenth biggest seller.


2. ‘We’ll Be Coming Back’
‘We’ll Be Coming Back’ was released as 18month fourth single on July,27,2012. It is a song by record producer Calvin Harris and Vocalist Example. The music video was directed by Saman Kesh and filmed in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, California in June 2012.


3. ‘Wont Go Quietly’
‘Wont Go Quietly’ was released as a digital download on June 20 2010 and is the title track from his second studio album. The album has sold 265,000 copies in the UK to date.


4. ‘Kickstarts’
‘Kickstarts’ is the third single from Example’s second album Wont Go Quietly. Kickstart debuted at number 3 in the UK Singles Chart.


5. ‘Watch The Sun Come Up’
‘Watch The Sun Come Up’ is the first single from Example’s second album Wont Go Quietly  and was released on September,20,2009. The music video was filmed in both London and Ibiza by director Henry Schofield. The video has clocked up nearly 9 million views.

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