Netflix is full of great programmes; from old favourites to Netflix originals, and everything in between. However, one genre that stands out, in particular, you may be surprised to know, is documentaries. That may not sound too exciting, but most of the documentaries on Netflix are incredibly interesting and will leave you hooked. So, here’s our round-up of the top five documentaries on Netflix. Don’t worry – there’s something for everyone.

Who Took Johnny – This documentary takes a second look at a thirty-year-long investigation into the supposed kidnap of a young boy named Johnny. This is directed very well, giving you all of the facts as well as a retrospective interview with his mother, and others involved. It’s very interesting.

Making of a Murderer – If you’re an avid Netflix fan, you’ve probably already heard a lot about this one. After spending years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and finally being freed, Steven Avery is arrested again for murder and forced to suffer it all again – but did he do it? This will have you binge-watching for hours.

Audrie and Daisy – This can be a really difficult documentary to watch, telling the story of two teenage girls who were sexually assaulted, humiliated online and harassed by their communities. However, it puts forward some really important points, and it’s certainly worthwhile watching.

Blackfish – Be warned, this one might make you cry. Following the lives of captive whales, this documentary film highlights the dangers for both humans and whales. Following controversial news stories linked to SeaWorld, this one is perfect for anyone who likes a debate about morality.

Catfish – If you’ve ever watched Catfish: The TV Show you’ll probably be very excited about seeing where it all started. Though the documentary itself isn’t as great as you might expect, it is very interesting and will leave you feeling a lot closer to Nev.

Of course, there are many more great documentaries on Netflix, but these are just a few of our favourites. There’s a huge range out there, so get watching!