Tunes Of The Week

‘untitled 07 levitate’ – Kendrick Lamar

This track is the first (and only) song that has been named off Kendrick Lamar’s latest album untitled unmastered. It was originally part of a seven minute track, but ‘untitled 07 levitate’ is only two minutes long and is a lot more radio-friendly. You can read our full review of untitled unmastered here.

‘2 Dogs’ – 360 ft. Lunar C

‘2 Dogs’ is the result of a collaboration between Australian rapper 360 and British rapper Lunar C. The resulting track is two minutes of furious bars, in two very different accents. The backing beat is heavy to match and so ‘2 Dogs’ hits like a truck.

‘Famous’ – Kanye West

Kanye has finally decided to release The Life Of Pablo on streaming services other than Tidal, and so I have been able to listen to the album, including this controversial song. ‘Famous’ encapsulates both what we love and hate about Kanye. The song is the product of great musicianship; however Kanye reveals his uglier side only two lines in, by rapping about Taylor Swift in an unashamedly misogynistic way.

‘Raging’ – Kygo ft. Kodaline

I was sceptical when I saw that Kygo had collaborated with Kodaline because they are both so different, even though I love both artists individually. However, unlike ‘Fragile’ (Kygo’s track with Labrinth) ‘Raging’ is decent. It plays on what both artists are good at. The lyrics are typical of Kodaline, so are remarkably better than the usual standard for electronic music, while Kygo sticks to what he is good at by producing a pretty, tropical melody.