Turkish man joins own search party

6 October 2021

By Fraser

In highly amusing news a search party in Turkey was brought to an abrupt halt when the missing person in question joined the group by accident.

Local man Behyan Mutlu had gone missing on Tuesday after a night of heavy drinking. He was with his friends, though nobody noticed him slink off into the forests while intoxicated.

After trying and failing to get in contact with him, his wife and friends formed search parties and began looking for missing Mutlu. By pure luck, the now hungover man came across one of the groups, and offered assistance.

It was only until members started calling out his name did Mutlu state: “I am here”.

Obviously, the revelation was met with startling reactions and the police took his details.

If this story looks familiar, it is because, in 2012, a tourist in Iceland did the exact same thing. She was visiting a popular walking destination near a volcano and allegedly missed the bus that took her back to safety.

The bus driver had summoned a search party to look for her, which the woman actually joined, not knowing that she was the person in question. It was eventually called off in hilarious circumstances when it was revealed that she had been on the bust the entire time with the driver unaware.

Above all else, I think it’s rather heartwarming. The idea that people are eager to help in any way they can, without knowing they could be at the centre of the circumstances.

It goes to show that no matter how amusing a story sounds, if your read between the lines of it, you could find something that restores faith in humanity,

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