TV Review: About a Boy

30 April 2014

By Yasmine

The hugely successful UK comedy- drama movie, About a Boy, hit our screens back in 2002 which starred Hugh Grant and the now grown-up Nicholas Hoult. The movie was produced by acting legend Robert De Niro.

Now the movie has been made into a TV series with a whole new cast including David B Walton, who plays Will and Minnie Driver who plays Fiona. The American sitcom is based, like the movie, on the novel wrote by Nick Hornby.

The show is based on a man called Will Freeman, who is a successful singer and songwriter who is living the dream as a definitive man child. Life is about to dramatically change for the bachelor when a spiritual, single mother moves in next door with her 11 year old son, Marcus. Will befriends Marcus in the first show and he knows life will never be the same again. Fiona and Will have a love-hate relationship towards each other but they get on for Marcus’ benefit.

Will and Marcus’ relationship has a lot of twists and turns. Marcus does not just see Will as a friend but also as a father figure. Now that they are in each others lives they are unsure how life without each other would be, with Will helping Marcus with school bullies and even taking Marcus to his first pool party.

You can catch up with the series on demand if you have Sky and it is shown on Sky 1 on a Monday night at 9.30pm.


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