Uninspirational- David Cameron

3 December 2014

By Yasmine

As we all know, David Cameron is our Prime Minister. Yes, we didn’t vote for him, but what do we peasants know? We only live here and work our backsides off to fund the failing government. The Tory party must laugh all the way to the bank with their six-figure salaries whilst people have to choose whether this month they get to pay their rent or feed their families.

Shiny head david cameron

  1. The main reason of hate towards the PM is because of the bedroom tax; he and Nick ‘the side kick’ Clegg thought it would be acceptable to start charging people if they had bedrooms spare. This has resulted in many people not being able to afford their rent and having to move. A year on from the bedroom tax, and Clegg and Cameron said the government haven’t saved a penny because of it.
  2. David Cameron has cut the public sector in half by making thousands of people redundant. With the decision to cut jobs, leisure activities such as the gym and swimming have now rocketed in prices, making it expensive to keep active. And he wonders why unemployment is on the rise?
  3. David has never been to a state school and hasn’t witnessed what it’s like to grow up on minimum wage or the struggles that many of us have on a day to day basis.

Let’s hope that he and his big shiny forehead will be shown the Downing Street door in the next election.


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