Venomverse: Comic review

Weird, I’ve never reviewed a comic before. Let’s give a shot, starting with the latest from Marvel Comics, Venomverse.

As we already know, when it comes to comic books, there are thousands of alternate universes. From Spider-Man being Gwen Stacey in one, to Spider-man (and everyone else) being zombies. It’s a way to form countless stories from just one character. Each character has an alternate version of themselves somewhere in the multiverse.

This storyline, follows venom, being pulled into a war between every other Venom in the multiverse and an alien race known as Poisons. These vicious little blighters feed on the alien symbiote. And given how there are infinite possibilities as to who can be Venom, it’s an infinite supply of food.

Poison Hulk is not to be messed with.

Venom, in ‘our world’ so to speak, is chasing down Hobgoblin, one of Spider-Man’s littler villains. After a brief encounter he is sucked into another world. He soon meets up with other Venoms like himself. They include a symbiote Rocket Raccoon, a symbiote Spider-Man, Wolverine, X-23, Deadpool and Doctor Strange.

He is informed that these Poisons are converting Venoms into Poison versions of themselves. The Hulk, Spider-Man, Scarlett Witch and even Doctor Doom are all turned. They become angular looking beasts, super strong and super-fast.

To help the effort, they bring in one of Venom’s mortal enemies. Carnage.

From there, it’s pure action and insanity.

Story-wise it’s as comic-booky as it gets. The bad guys are bad, the good guys, while they look bad, are good. Dialogue is amusing at some points, particularly between Carnage and Venom. Plus, Rocket Raccoon is awesome in anything.

Back in black. Everyone. Everyone is back in black. Even the characters who were never in black to begin with.

The artwork is gorgeous. Iban Coello’s use of the Venom format works wonderfully for each character with Wolverine and Carnage’s designs being some of my favourites. It ends on a bit of cliffhanger, so we could very well get more in the next year or so.

It’s been a hit with fans however, with many praising the formula it uses, like that of the Spiderverse.

Wolverineverse next?