When heading to Europe it’s not always obvious where you should go. There’s the obvious places like Madrid and Paris and Venice, but often people miss out one of the most special cities, Vienna.

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is by a mile one of the most beautiful cities on Earth. It is rich in both history and culture and immediately transports you back to the days of Empire and grandeur.

Similar to London, Vienna is a major capital with plenty of expensive shops like Vivienne Westwood, Tiffany and Co. and Burberry to name but a few. And if these shops are a bit out of your price range, that’s fine as Vienna has plenty of other amazing things to offer.

From its multitude of palaces to a plethora of museums that are free to under 19s, Vienna is one special city. The Schönbrunn Palace, in particular, is a stand-out of the city and can be easily accessed via the underground metro.

The Place is filled with amazing artefacts from the Hapsburg dynasty and tells the story of their reign in a most interesting way. If you’re bored of one palace, there’s always another. And the gardens are well worth a free walk around and even a picnic if you fancy some downtime.

Vienna never gets boring, and there’s always so much more to see than you have time to do. From standing at the spot where Hitler declared Anschluss to walking around the coffee shop streets and eating apple strudel, you’ll miss Vienna when you leave.

It’s clear from beginning to end that Vienna was once the ‘Big Apple’ of Europe, and now it’s still a gem that we don’t appreciate like we should.