After a rather successful launch last year, the Left 4 Dead-style adventure game is coming to consoles after its initial release on PC.

The game is set during the End Times in the Warhammer world. As the world is slowly splitting apart, the Skaven (giant rats) are taking over the cities of the land. Your job is to run from them to safety with your friends.

The focus of the game’s mechanics are on melee combat, seeing as though the ranged capabilities of the Warhammer world are rather limited. You can chose a number of heroes to play as, from magic users to axe wielding dwarves and pistol toting thieves. Players have to work together to ensure victory, as going off by yourself may lead to certain doom.

You gain loot from chests in certain areas of a level, and level up your character in a pseudo-RPG style way.

The game will be unchanged from PC to console, it appears, apart from all the DLC available on its current platform being available for free when it lands on console.

A price has not been announced as of yet, but the PC version goes for £22.99, so it’s assumed it will remain the same price.

If you want to see more, check out TotalBiscuit’s first look below:

Happy hunting.