We Found Santa!

But he’s been dead for hundreds of years.

Sorry kids.

A bone fragment, which was supposedly St Nicholas, the inspiration for Father Christmas, has been carbon dated by the University of Oxford. The test found the relic dating way back to around 343AD, which was about the time St Nicholas was supposedly from. While it doesn’t provide solid proof, it has been confirmed that it is authentically from this era.

The team said that these tests were the first to be carried out on these bones.

The bones of St Nicholas have been kept in the crypt of the church in Bari, in Italy since the 11th century.

These aren’t the only ones that are supposedly St Nick, however. Another collection of bones resides in Venice, leading the Oxford researchers to want to try and carbon date and identify which bones belonged to the man.

One thing is for certain, it won’t be St Nicholas delivering your presents. Unless he’s into spooking kids now. Play the gif!

Halloween never dies.