While it’s July and university seems such a while away, it’s not a bad idea to start getting ready for it. Even if you only begin collecting a few bits and bobs now, it saves you from having to go out on a mad dash after results day to gather everything you need for your new life. So, here’s our initial guide on what to buy for university.

Cutlery and cooking equipment

If you’re moving out for uni, chances are you’re going to have to cook your own meals, unless you’re in a catered college or hall of residence. If you’re self-catered all the way, it’s a good idea to start hunting around for the best deals on cutlery and cooking equipment sooner rather than later. That way you won’t be ‘pressure buying’ after results day.


Pretty much every university course has compulsory reading, so if there are books you need for your course that they recommend you buy, start shopping around for them now. Some will be expensive, so if you get a rough ballpark figure for how much they’ll be, you can start saving too. It’s always best to be prepared.

Room decor

When you leave home, you don’t want to move into somewhere that feels empty for a year. So we’d recommend buying some things to make your uni room more of a home. Be it printing off photos of your friends, buying fairy lights, flowers, posters or framed pieces of art and little ornaments, just do it. They’ll remind you of happy times and will soothe those pre-uni nerves.

A backpack

Undoubtedly one of the best investments for uni students is a good backpack. Make sure it has enough room for a laptop, maybe an iPad, books, a water bottle, whatever you’re having for lunch and a notebook. Getting a backpack like this means you’ll be saved from having to carry multiple bags and getting weighed down by them. It also means you’ll be much more organised while studying.

A bank account

Okay, so you don’t necessarily buy a bank account, but it’s important to look into changing your bank before heading to university. Some banks will offer special student accounts with great benefits, including railcards, and you might need to look into getting a bank account which does not have an overdraft.