When Benny Met Murray

Why does that sound like a rom-com?

Andy Murray has won Wimbledon!


This victory marks his third grand slam title. But, once again in sport, that’s not what we’re obsessing over here.

After the game Murray freshened himself up to attend the champions dinner, but was met with a rather befuddled Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter, offering their praise and congratulations.

The Sherlock actor actually gave a small bow before exclaiming like a fanboy:

“It was brilliant, it was really inspiring to watch.”

Murray – yes, exactly like in a rom-com – said that he was a “huge, huge fan” then asked what the actor was working on at the moment.

If you want to watch the full and rather adorable conversation, here it is:

They discuss fatherhood and Murray’s success, and it’s given me life today.