Witty Wednesday

15 October 2014

By Yasmine

A wise man once said that Newcastle is the friendliest city in the UK. Why is that you may ask, is it because of the brilliant banter or just the Geordies’s love for the ‘toon?’ Well, to truly appreciate a Geordie you must get to know their lingo; so here are a few pointers on what a Geordie may say and what their unique dialogue actually means.

Geordies: What yi deeing?

The rest of the UK: What are you doing?

Geordies may scream this at you if you are doing something wrong, taking your time or it could be the beginning of a polite conversation.


Geordies: I’m gannin’ yehm

The rest of the UK: I’m going home

After a night of partying away Geordies’ shout it to announce to everyone that they will no longer be in their presence.


Geordies: I’m gannin’ to pick up the bairn

The rest of the UK: I’m going to pick up the child.

It’s normally shouted across the street from one loud-mouthed mother to another.


Geordies: Howay man move oot the way love

The rest of the UK: Come on, move out the way.

This is normally shouted by a male Geordie driver, at a fellow female driver, who he doesn’t think is qualified for driving, even though he can’t drive to save his life.


Geordies: Wey aye pet

The rest of the UK: Well yes animal

As soon as you announce you’re a Geordie, all you will hear for the next ten minutes is “Wey aye pet”. Although you say it at least 6000 times a day, it somehow becomes annoying when it comes out of a non-Geordie mouth.



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